Once your business shows up in search results locally, regionally, nationally and/or globally, you will see an increase in your online traffic and start to notice higher conversion rates on sales and/or leads coming through your website. By optimizing your website, your content and identifying keywords and keyword phrases, your website will rank in organic search results and your online presence (share of voice in your industry) will increase, thus delivering more ready to call or ready buy customers in your sales funnel.

Here are some of our SEO strategies:

  • Optimize Your Existing Website
  • Keyword Analysis and Targeting Research
  • Long-Tail Targeted Site Development
  • Keyword Saturation Analysis
  • Short-Tail Keyword Marketing

Directory Listings

As a part of your internet marketing strategy, we can manage your listings across sites that deliver up marketing opportunities for you with potential customers. This includes your business listings on maps, directories and apps, and on sites like Yelp, Yahoo!, Mapquest, and Bing.

Landing Page Development

Targeted Landing Pages are great for promoting specific calls to action and can be an effective tool for encouraging visitors to partake in a specific event. In addition, they can help increase your site’s performance on specific Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click Advertising is an effective way to jump start your eBusiness. If you are looking to sell a specific product or capture data, PPC is a proven way to send qualified internet traffic to your website. We can even get your ads to display only for specific keywords.

Our PPC management services include:

  • Keyword, Title and Ad Creation
  • On-Going A/B & Multivariate Tests
  • On-Going Bidding Strategies
  • Account Monitoring
  • On-Going Keyword & Ad Analysis
  • Campaign Optimization

Link Earning Campaign

The most important activity you can undertake to get higher search engine rankings is quality link earning. Link earning is basically a cool way of saying that the next time someone conducts a search using keywords from your site and your site’s content, a link about your brand shows up in connection with those words. The links can lead to your website, your social media sites, your blog, forums in your industry, etc. Our strategies are proprietary, but they focus on generating quality, relevant inbound links to your website through a variety of sources. Our link earning methods are ethical and effective. Since we are white hat internet marketing experts, we will ensure the content used to build links to your site really talks about your business and connects with current and prospective consumers. We customize each link earning campaign to your individual needs based on analysis of your current inbound link portfolio and overall observation of your website.

Our link earning strategies include:

  • External Link Analysis
  • Competition Analysis
  • Local Business Listings
  • Directory Submissions
  • Blog – Creation/Placement
  • Articles – Creation/Submission
  • SEO Press Releases

All of the content that is distributed through your link earning campaign will be generated in collaboration with your company. Our team of advertising copywriters that specialize in SEO friendly content will ensure your website shows up in search results on social media sites, in local and/or regional searches, in video searches, on news/PR sites, on blogs related to your industry, and in directories related to your industry. Not sure if a Link Earning campaign is right for you? Do a quick internet search for your business and anything you’ve announced recently. If it doesn’t show up on the results page or if it’s not even on the first page, stop thinking about it and give us a call.


Our approach to social marketing is based on a proven model that utilizes paid and organic content to generate a dedicated following for your business. We seamlessly integrate social media into your business and marketing strategies with strategic creativity and deep knowledge of the most popular social media platforms. From Facebook posts to mobile apps, we instinctively populate your marketing ecosystem with interesting content, interactivity and compelling ideas that are brand-centric.

By identifying your business’ advocates and influencers, we help you build equity in your brand. We are able to accomplish this by transitioning some of your customer engagement methods from pushing content/information to pulling content/information. Next, we put together a plan with a healthy mix of paid and organic social marketing strategies, uncover viral marketing opportunities and establish successes that help select the platforms that make sense for your business, i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, blogger outreach, etc.

Social Platform Identification

As more and more consumers take to the web, the number of new social networks, services, and social media platforms will continue to grow. We can help you find the right platforms to engage communities for your products and services, and get the members of those communities to hear your brand’s digital voice. As internet marketing and technology innovators, we focus on social media and digital product innovation, and we’re always searching for new and creative ways to connect brands with their target audience.

Social Media Setup and Repair

Building a presence for your business on social networking sites allows your brand to interact directly with your consumers. This interaction feels more personal to your consumers than traditional advertising or outbound calling. Once we identify your target audience and business objectives, we will work with your company to identify what SMM platforms make sense for your business. After setting up each your customized pages and uploading content, we will help you identify an on-going SMM strategy that fits your budget. SMM campaigns include a combination of the following:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Blogs

The best way to get your internal teams and your customers to embrace using social media marketing campaigns is for you to become an expert. We offer coaching for businesses that want to further their grasp of social media and internet marketing strategies. Coaching may include topic discussion, Q&A sessions and/or strategic insight into your marketing plan and vision.


We can help you design an email marketing strategy that works for your business. Whether you have a ton of contacts or none at all, our email marketing strategies and solutions. Our tools integrate seamlessly with your CRM solutions.

The content we execute in email marketing campaigns ensures opens, clicks and forwards. Here are some examples of content ideas that we’ve successfully leveraged in email marketing campaigns:

  • Testimonials from Customers
  • Video Series (Humorous or Purposeful)
  • CEO Messages
  • Celebrity Endorsements of Products/Services
  • Custom Articles Authored for Your Audience

Our recommendations for tools are backed by analytics and customer surveys:

  • Small Business Solutions: Made Fresh Marketing Stack, dotmailer, MailChimp, and iContact
  • Mid-Market Sector Solutions: Made Fresh Marketing Stack, MailChimp, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and Constant Contact
  • Enterprise Customer Solutions: Made Fresh Marketing Stack, Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Oracle Responsys
  • Get Started


We have a 28 day qualification process for new clients. Before you meet with us, we will ask you to complete a series of questionnaires that will establish the business goals for website design projects and marketing campaigns.

Prospective clients that make the cut demonstrate the following:

  • A viable concept in an industry that is growing
  • An understanding that marketing is a necessary expense
  • An understanding that to make money you have to spend money
  • An understanding that marketing investments are a percentage of the total revenue goal
  • A least 3 vendor referrals or reference from existing Media Made Fresh client

After you submit the contact form below, an account manager will contact you to discuss your project and send the relevant questionnaires. Once you complete the questionnaires, we will schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation with you to discuss your objectives and determine if we are the right fit for each other. It is very important for you to have a clear sense of your budget before the initial consultation.

We require a minimum of $7,500 per project or a minimum of $5,000 a month in services with a 12 month commitment.