How Can Good Design Help Your Business

design is a way of life

Think about your favorite restaurant. Why did you choose that specific restaurant? Plenty of people will say they like the food or that it’s the best cuisine they’ve had in their life but there are even more factors that play into their decision. They may enjoy the atmosphere; the tables and chairs are comfortable, the walls contain beautiful paintings, and the floor is sparkly clean. Maybe it’s located in a beautiful city with amazing views or stepping inside immerses you into a new culture. People may even add that their favorite restaurant’s service “is great and consistent.” This could mean the people who work there get to know and understand them. Overall, when you think of your favorite restaurant, you know and trust that they will always provide you with the best service, food, and atmosphere.

In this instance, your favorite restaurant is successful due to its design strategy.

“Good Design is Good Business”

You might have heard the saying, “Good Design is Good Business.” Let’s talk about what it means.

Back in 1973, former International Business Machines (IBM) president Thomas J. Watson Jr. declared that “Good design is good business” in a speech at the University of Pennsylvania. Obsessed with modern design, Watson Jr. looked to many architects and designers to help transform IBM into a corporation with style and good taste from the logos on paper to the walls of the offices. This transformation helped bring IBM to major success that many strive to follow.

To this day, plenty of small businesses and big corporations have learned from this motto that investing in good design and brand recognition can benefit them and make a difference in their performance. Graphic design plays an important part in our everyday lives because it helps us trust in a brand or business. Whether it’s going grocery shopping or eating at a favorite restaurant, people will lean towards something they know they can trust.

People also tend to choose brands or businesses they feel can represent and understand them. Think about how your favorite restaurant provides you with excellent service. In this same way, designers learn to create content that best represents a group when they understand who the target audience is for the products and services. When we think about big companies like Disney, there are plenty of different characters with different stories any child or adult can find themselves relating to. However, animators for Adult Swim know to create content for a different target audience far from “family-friendly.”

Good Design Solves Problems

When a brand learns to connect with its users, this adds value to the business and brings the company to higher success. According to an article by the Adobe Creative Cloud Team, big corporations such as Apple and Nike lead with a good design strategy and outperform others that don’t. Many well-branded companies understand that design is a powerful key to their business. With a strong design, a business can understand and solve consumer problems building their trust while also making their brand “attractive and appealing.”

Make a SPLASH with Media Made Fresh Design Services

If you are just starting out and need a logo or need to overhaul your website to attract new/better customers, Media Made Fresh can help. We specialize in graphic design, logo design, website design, and app design.


We have a 28 day qualification process for new clients. Before you meet with us, we will ask you to complete a series of questionnaires that will establish the business goals for website design projects and marketing campaigns.

Prospective clients that make the cut demonstrate the following:

  • A viable concept in an industry that is growing
  • An understanding that marketing is a necessary expense
  • An understanding that to make money you have to spend money
  • An understanding that marketing investments are a percentage of the total revenue goal
  • A least 3 vendor referrals or reference from existing Media Made Fresh client

After you submit the contact form below, an account manager will contact you to discuss your project and send the relevant questionnaires. Once you complete the questionnaires, we will schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation with you to discuss your objectives and determine if we are the right fit for each other. It is very important for you to have a clear sense of your budget before the initial consultation.

We require a minimum of $7,500 per project or a minimum of $5,000 a month in services with a 12 month commitment.