google ads keyword strategies more than you auctioned for

On February 4, 2021, Google announced that they will begin making changes to the types of keywords that you can bid on for your products and services. While it isn’t supposed to start for a few weeks, in typical Google fashion, you may already begin to experience changes to your keywords, clicks, Click Through Rates, and traffic as Google tests the new algorithms on your active campaigns.

While it sounds great to simplify the types of keywords, for certain industries like medical services and products, legal services, and various specialized professional services and consumer packaged goods, you may get more than you auctioned for which will bloat your funnel with window shoppers and could result in a lower return on your investments once these changes permanently go into effect.

The following article includes more about the changes and some tips for maintaining your lead volume and revenue in the midst of the chaos.

The Current Google Ads Keyword Types

Currently, there are 4 keyword types:

Broad Match is used for reach and grabs all variations of the words you are using. These words would be at the top of the funnel and consumers will most often be in the research phase of the buying cycle.

Broad Match Modifier is for reach, but uses the plus (+) symbol to ensure that word or a close form of that word is part of the keyword phrase.

Phrase Match is used for the middle of the funnel and bottom of the funnel, reaching customers who are highly likely to buy and may have already indicated interest/purchase intent online and offline.

Exact Match is the most precise and the most expensive as it delivers customers who are ready to buy and you have exactly what they want.

The New Google Ads Keyword Types

Once the changes go into effect, Broad Match Modifier and Phrase match will merge, and Broad Match Modifier will be eliminated. Phrase match will now work like broad match, bringing in more variations.

google ads keyword change annoucement february 2021

Tips for Maintaining Lead Volume and Revenue After Changes Go Into Effect

In select cases, like the one above, this can be a very good thing and will allow you to reach customers you didn’t know you could reach. Unfortunately, that won’t happen with every phrase. The Google Ads algorithms are programmed to reach as many people as possible (i.e., spend your budget) and it’s up to you to ensure the words convert and generate a return.

If your keywords start to bring in a bunch of window shoppers, the keywords will need to be removed and filtered out to avoid decreasing your return on investment. While it costs more than the other keyword types, exact match should be leveraged as much as possible to prevent bloated funnels and too many window shoppers.

Whether you are managing your own account or working with a PPC company, it is vital to get to work on knowing where your keywords are in the sales funnel and what generates the most revenue.

marketing sales funnel media made fresh ppc company

The top of the funnel words to look out for may have lower click-through rates and conversions or just lower conversions, while the bottom of the funnel may have higher click-through rates and higher conversions. Any of the campaigns that have broad match modifier should be changed to another keyword type. Everything else needs to be organized and reevaluated to ensure you don’t get a bunch of clicks and fewer conversions.

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