10 Do’s and Don’ts of Media Pitching

make a splash means to make an impact

Our Public Relations Specialists created this 2 part list for business owners and brands using PR as a core component of their digital marketing strategy. The first part includes 5 things that you should absolutely do in your next media pitch. The second part includes 5 media pitch no-nos. Make a SPLASH with these tactics!

The 5 Do’s of Media Pitching

  1. Focus your efforts. Media relations is not the equivalent of throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks. Pitch the places that best reach your target audiences and reflect your brand objectives. Start with eight to 12 not 40 to 100. By focusing your efforts, you can send highly targeted pitches to each reporter, instead of sending a generic email to everyone.
  2. Take things slowly. PR is crucial for real-time engagement with consumers but it can be a long game too. Develop monthly, quarterly, and yearly game plans that encompass media relations, planned PR campaigns, and content strategy.
  3. Build Rapport with journalists, bloggers, and influencers. PR is about people and relationships. Keep your focus on building relationships with reporters first and the opportunity to share your brand’s story through media coverage will emerge naturally.
  4. Offer compelling content. Text alone won’t get your story the attention it deserves. Refer to rich media content – audio, images, and video – when pitching your story. Journalists, bloggers, and influencers want and need visual content to capture the attention of their own audience.
  5. Keep pitches short. Your pitch is the teaser, not the full-length feature. Keep your message short, simple and to the point. If a journalist or blogger thinks it holds promise, they’ll follow up with you.

The 5 Don’t of Media Pitching

  1. Avoid cluttering the inbox. Once you’ve sent your pitch, give it a few days to settle. Don’t send another email right away asking about it. Again, if there is interest in your story, the media representative will tell you so or request additional information.
  2. ‘Spray and pray’ isn’t a good strategy. If you use a PR database and distribution software, be sure to segment and target your media lists. Don’t pitch to a Manhattan food magazine if you only serve the Jacksonville area. Keep pitches relevant with special attention to recent coverage, region, and audience.
  3. Cookie-cutter pitches annoy people. Sending the same pitch, again and again, gets old. Find a new angle for your story. Even if the first pitch gets success, change it when shifting to new outlets, audiences, or campaigns. Your pitches need to be tailored to the environment where it will be placed.
  4. Attachments tend to bounce. Attaching a file runs the risk of being sent back by firewalls or security filters. Instead, send the pitch with links to complementary material or your branded newsroom instead.
  5. Breaking news has to be relevant. Breaking news isn’t news unless it has a relevant angle. Consider it with consideration to the context and the audience to show you put thought behind your pitches.

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